Creating A Password

Upon the first time accessing the Licensee Dashboard you will need to create a password using the ForgotPassword link.

  1. This will redirect you to the Forgot Password page where you will input your email address and ND EMS #. This email must match the email contained in your NDEMS record.
  2. You must then select ‘Email’ or ‘Phone’.
  3. You will then receive a six-digit code to either your email or phone
    1. Enter the six-digit code in the ‘Code’ box
    2. This will redirect you to the ‘Change Password’ page. Following the password requirements listed, you will be required to input your password twice for confirmation.
  4. Click on the ‘Update Password’ button. A “Your password has been changed” message will display once successful.
  5. Click on ‘Return to Login Page’ and proceed using your newly created password.

Resetting A Password

If you forget your password at any time, follow the above steps through the ForgotPassword link to create a new password.


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